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Pre-Pack Administration

A “pre-pack” is a process used by the Directors to recover an insolvent company through the sale & transfer of its assets to a new entity.

We at Cromwell Seymour look after your interests at all times.

  • Preserves jobs for Directors & employees offering a higher potential return for secured creditors;
  • Achieves a write-off of company debt (not subject to Personal Guarantees);
  • Releases the business from onerous leases or contracts (as they remain with the old company to be dealt with by an Insolvency Practitioner subject to Personal Guarantees);
  • Avoids disruption to customers & other stakeholders;
    The business may apply to trade under a variation of the original name;
  • Rapid resolution with no ongoing supervision.

Pre-pack liquidation

Liquidation is frequently preferred to administer as a definite conclusion to the insolvent company, resolving potential criticism of the process. The sale of assets is subject to both debenture holders’ discretion & ratification by a creditors’ meeting. In most circumstances, this permits, business recovery at the benevolence of creditors.

Protection from legal action is almost instant with a final resolution in less than 4 weeks. During this time continuity is achieved by a license to operate issued to the new company.

Licenses & professional accreditation
We have considerable experience in agreeing to the transfer of various licenses & professional accreditation, including accountants, solicitors, barristers, architects, schools, tied Landlords & construction companies.

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