Cromwell Seymour Group Ltd

Code of Ethics

Insolvency appointment taking

Our stance in the marketplace is that of turnaround management on your behalf. Any case we prepare is subsequently verified by regulating legal or financial counsel. We are not an “appointment taking” organisation & therefore independent from the obligation to your creditors.

Economic growth

Our service facilitates the use of company debt resolution tools prescribed in the UK by the Insolvency Act 1986 & the Enterprise Act 2002. These Acts of Parliament support economic growth, wealth & job creation by permitting entrepreneurs to limit personal risk to their investment capital.

Keeping an entrepreneur in suspension is ultimately damaging for the economy.” Tony Costigan, Managing Partner of The Cromwell Seymour Group Ltd.

Advantages of the progressive insolvency legislation

When commercial risk-taking does not pay off insolvency legislation provides:

  • A fair statutory distribution to lenders, according to a known prioritisation schedule;
  • The option to recover businesses, protects employment & retain personal assets when practical;
  • Stability for lenders from the escalation of bad debts, uncertainty of repayment & unfair prioritisation;
  • Restriction of anti-competitive industry cartels;
  • Economic rehabilitation of insolvent individuals;
  • Safekeeping for society, individuals & their dependants from the consequences of financial destitution.

Any lending conducted in the UK is subject to these Acts of Parliament. It is your right to use these procedures in law & their intention is to promote the UK as a place of economic growth through entrepreneurship.


In preference to UK insolvency law, there are views that favor an indefinite obligation for un-repayable debts, offering varying misleading interpretations. For those whose choice is to maximise returns to creditors protecting the related business or personal income with an insolvency procedure may offer the stability to sustain a fair & realistic repayment schedule for its full term.

Our fees

We explain our fee structure to you before any commitment is required. Our business may also accept payments from other providers in lieu of discount or sub-contract work. This is normal commercial practice.

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